Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sorry, I have Been a Slacker

As the post says, I have been a slacker. I am very passionate about this blog but finding a hard time to post to it on a regular basis. Right now I am dealing with a sick husband who has multiple myeloma. He/we have been spending the last year trying to manage life with cancer and coping the best we can. He just got over a case of pneumonia and that cleared up nicely with an oral antibiotic. About a week before the bug hit him his mother passed away and so it is no wonder he got sick, we presume from being up at the funeral home and around so many people. It could have been the stress too. Loosing a loved one is never an easy time. These past 2 days were spent at the Cleveland Clinic because the ball is now rolling to start the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). It will now be weeks of appointments and procedures. My husband will be staying at least 21 days straight in the hospital. I can not say enough good about that hospital and the staff. They definitely have all their ducks in a row, and if you don't have yours in one too they set them straight for you. God bless all these doctors and care givers because they are very proficient in their jobs. It gives you confidence and hope. When you have cancer that is what you need, hope and plenty of understanding. Having cancer puts a whole new spin on your life and your outlook on things.

Now I do not mean to make this blog about sickness although I am sure somewhere along the line we could add medical care and all the trappings of the health field into the posts. I have been trying very hard to buy only goods made in the USA, but once in awhile stuff falls into my cart that is made elsewhere. In the past couple of months we did find some men's slacks at of all places Walmart. I about fell off my chair when my husband brought them home and I checked them over. I had to laugh, someone in the ordering department must have goofed up there, lol. It does sadden me because I do not want to give a wrong impression. I repeat that I do not hate other countries and fully understand that the people living there have families to care for and that includes putting a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food in their mouths. A people in a country can not help what it's government does to provide gripe is with the big industry and big business in the USA, the selling out and closing of our factories and shipping the jobs to countries that have less environmental restrictions and to countries that have people who are desperate to work even at a lower wage than the people here. My belief is if you move your factory to a foreign country then you need to stop expecting the people here to buy your products for top dollar and ripping off the underpaid workers overseas who made it. Stop sending us products from China with lead in them. We are expecting our first grand baby in March and I have been busy making soft knitted and sewn cloth toys because I do not want my grand baby (or anyone else's baby) to be sucking, chewing and mouthing harmful toxins like lead and God knows what else. For years our country has worked to remove harmful substances from the products it manufactures. Yet we have taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back and seem to be right back on square #1 where all this is concerned because we are importing crap. Not only that but these countries need to clean up their acts for their own common people who are exposed to these harmful things as well. Life seems to have no value anymore as long as someone can make a buck.

I say thank you to anyone who follows my blog and please use it as a sounding board for expressing your own opinions on any subject that I or anyone else has commented on. I for one put a value on human life and well-being. I thank God that there are still others who care and do what they can to help save the earth and the life on it.

Take care,

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