Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help One Another

I am hoping that this blog catches on and produces helpful and useful information for anyone and everyone who visits it, that is if there is something you need to buy and truly want to buy goods Made In The USA  This blog can be one of 2 things, a testimonial of what you bought and where you found it, or what you need and asking for suggestions from others who might know where it can be found and purchased. Shopping for American goods involves reading labels and maybe passing up the first items you look at. It seems fruitless sometimes to even find anything made in our country, but it can be done. Right now everyone who shops for fruits and veggies can take advantage of home grown or your local farmer's markets. Support your local farmers! I hope to start a list on the sidebar of this blog of items and the stores where they can be found. Hopefully in time, and if this catches on, people can come here and look at the list to see if the item they need is listed. I am open to suggestions and ideas.

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