Monday, September 5, 2011

Buy ONLY American Goods

Are any of you sick and tired of the daily news casts about what shape our economy is in? Are you sick and tired of hearing about more factory closings and rising unemployment? Are you sick and tired of all of our jobs going to foreign countries and more people out of work? Are you sick and tired of the value of your home (if you can still afford one) and the selling cost hitting rock bottom? Are you just plain sick of our law makers with their inability to work for the good of the people (other than themselves) and their keeping the country in a dysfunctional state? Is it any wonder we are all stressed out. We are the greatest country on this earth with the people who work the longest hours. Yet we are now the most despised country on this earth. We always are the first to help all countries to improve their situations even now at the sake of our own. We rebuild countries, we feed starving, we give till there is nothing left. We are now still giving and I would say it is a fact that we have given till it hurts. We give our lives, the ultimate sacrifice. We have always unselfishly helped others. We are all aware of the sacrifice so many have made because no matter where you are, the good old USA is no doubt still one of the best places to live. The proof is in the illegal aliens living here.

I guess the one thing that irks me the most is the talk about how we "need to create jobs for the unemployed." Now forgive me, but isn't that what the last generations already did? They started this country from virtually nothing and built on that. From good ideas, determination and hard work this country was created and it prospered as well. It prospered till some got GREEDY and decided to move their factories and jobs to foreign soil and hire foreigners at a cheaper labor cost to make their products and then ship them back for us to buy. It wasn't over night, this has been slowly going on for I think those people in Washington need to get their heads out of the sand (or where ever else they have buried them) and wake up to why we have high unemployment and suffering people. This isn't rocket science folks! It is just good old common sense and being able to see past the blinders. My say in all of this is to BRING OUR JOBS BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE, back to AMERICA, and if you don't, then don't you dare expect Americans to buy the stuff, don't ship it to us, we don't want stuff that is full of lead and all the other things we have been working to keep from harming our people. We want American goods, made by American people.... suggestion to all of you out there who feel the same way.........just one request and one good sound idea.......JUST BUY ONLY THE STUFF YOU NEED THAT IS MADE IN THE USA!!!

No matter how small an item, check where it is made. I give you an example of 2 recent purchases:

1.) I needed a spatula for scraping down the sides of the mixing bowl. I went to Walmart and Kmart, both had them, yeah, made in CHINA (probably full of lead). I refused to buy them. I didn't run myself silly all over town but happened to stop one day in a wonderful place called "Ralph's Joy of Living". They have all sorts of things from appliances to small kitchen gadgets. I FOUND MY SPATULA!!!!!!! MADE IN THE USA. I bought 2.

2.) In my blogging travels I ran across the recipe for making your own laundry soap. I needed a 5 gallon plastic container with a lid......I did find one, in of all places, Walmart. The container  MADE IN THE USA in Sandusky, Ohio.

Anymore finding any item made in the USA is like hitting the jackpot. It is a thrill that I am doing my part and  helped a fellow American keep their job. This is something we can all do. There is no reason we can't all do as much of this as possible. I know even mandarin oranges are imported and can be bought at Walmart, yet there is another one on the same shelf grown in the USA. Grapes grown in Chili where pesticides cans are thrown in the vineyards.......I buy grapes grown in California only. I know many times the items made in our country are a bit more expensive, but in the long run can we really afford not to buy them?

So my new blog is for anyone who loves America and wants to help our fellow citizens keep their jobs. The requirements are to buy as many of the things you "need" made only in our country and to please post about the item and where you found it.

We are Americans and united to buy only American goods when possible. This might be a small project, but I am hoping that one leads to 2 and then 3 and so to hundreds and maybe more. Show retailers that we don't want the crap made in foreign countries unless Americans can have a hand in the products. David brought down Goliath......I rest my case.


  1. Hi I am from Australia and we have the same problem here, greedy people sending our work off shore to pay a pitance in wages but charge the earth for us to buy, Govermments with thier head buried, making other less important issues important, it has to stop. We are building houses to house 'boat people' but we have good honest Aussies out of work and living in cars and on the streets, will they get the, they will go to the boat people with government handouts (money) but do our out of work Aussies get that?? NO, so I understand where you are coming from. I'm not saying we shouldn't help the boat people, but not helping our own first is outrageous.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I know how Australia got started and it was a country that pulled itself up to become a great one. I speak from what I know and we love our neighbor Canada too, and several other European countries. I agree that there is nothing wrong with helping others, but you do not do it by cutting your own throat. Charity begins at home. Many sit back and assume that all Americans are rich. No they are not, far from it. We are a people who years ago had a Boston Tea Party conflict over just 1 tax, now we are taxed on everything, and that is never enough, those taxes go up. Our economy is now becoming 2 classes, the rich and the poor. Our middle class is dwindling to non-existence. We have murderers in prison who we keep up, and they are living better than the homeless on our streets. There seems to be no happy medium with our schools. We have schools that are closing and some that are so fancy the tax payers are bombarded with school tax levies to keep them up. Yet the news says that students are not as smart and there is cheating by teachers to alter test scores to pass the students. I am all for education, but not when it causes hardships with me paying my utility bills each month. I am all for progress and keeping the schools operational. My children are grown and graduated college. They were taught in an older school that didn't have all the luxuries that the new school has. The college students in this country are amassing debt only to come out of school to no jobs. I still say keep American jobs at home, not in other countries. Our working class does not pay the precious taxes if they are unemployed. I know that other countries are having the same problems as we are. The rich get richer and it is all about greed. Just how much money does one need to live anyways? They expect us all to live on next to nothing and still try and make us feel guilty if we do not give and support all these causes. I don't want a mansion, I live a relatively simple life. The saying "living high on the hog" is not all about me. I just want a comfortable life and to know that no one out there is suffering because of some one elses greed.

  3. I feel for what you are talking about, and vow to do better about checking labels. I pride myself by making wonderful handmade goodness right here in the USA (!) and wish others would find the value in buying and supporting locally made artisan goods. Thank you for your passionate post, and inspiring me today!
    x, Val

  4. This is a great idea. I am always shocked by how many things are made in other countries and so few here in America.